Anthem Church is a new church reaching Columbia, MO. Most of our team were commissioned by Candeo Church, which is part of a network of churches called The Salt Network. Like bulbs on a string of lights, we've seen God faithfully go before us in establishing churches aimed at reaching the next generation for Christ.

The Salt Company started in 1994 from an initial gathering of about 200 students and 24 community people. That first gathering has now multiplied into a network of churches across the midwest and beyond. On a weekly basis our network of churches has over 8,500+ community people in attendance and 3,500+ college students. These numbers represent lives that are being changed by the Gospel. Our desire with Anthem Church is that God would simply do it again. 

The vision of our church stays the same as those in our network. We desire to see the gospel go forth and believe that college students are crucial in making that happen. When the local church combines the strengths of both their community members and college students - great things happen.  

By God's grace in the fall of 2016, we launched Anthem Church and its college ministry (The Salt Company) simultaneously. We look forward to the gospel compelling people to Celebrate, Connect, and Contribute. We look forward to partnering with what God is already doing in Columbia and ask that He would continue to prepare hearts to encounter Him.

Our Anthem

Vision / Big Picture: It's our goal to help people knowlove, and obey Jesus. 

Mission / How: Through making disciples that make disciples. 

Our mission is rooted in Matthew 28 where Jesus commissioned his followers to go and make disciples, which meant helping others to know, love, and obey Jesus. We want to obey Jesus’ command by following his model of discipleship. This means walking with people and not only sharing the gospel, but our very lives (1 Thess. 2:8). It's our prayer that we would walk in love and that by this the world would know we are disciples of Christ (John 13:35).  
Anthem Church - Seeking to make disciples that make disciples.