We love Sundays. It takes all of us coming together to make Sunday happen. We have opportunities for every age and skill. Whether behind the scenes or up front and personal, we can help you find the best fit for you and your family. We break serving up into 3 sessions per year. At the end of the session, you’ll have the opportunity to explore another place to serve or recommit to the same position.

If you call Anthem Church your home, we would ask that you sign up for at least 2 sessions, 1 role (position) per session.

We invite you to not only attend, but to be a part of Sunday.


Anthem Kids

We desire for all age groups within our church to Know, Love, and Obey Jesus and we believe this can start at the youngest of ages.  Anthem kids is not babysitting but a chance for kids 0-5 to be discipled in an age appropriate setting with material they can relate to.  This ministry also provides parents an opportunity to be fully engaged in the morning worship knowing that their children are being well taken care of.  


Anthem Youth

Our youth ministry is the newest ministry at Anthem, seeking to minister to students from middle school through high school.  We seek to do this through small group discussion each week, and a larger group gathering once a month.  There are many opportunities for you to serve in this ministry from hosting large group events to facilitating small group discussions.



We have a strong desire for people to feel welcomed and at home when they come to worship on Sunday mornings and our hospitality team is usually the first to make that happen.  Volunteers are needed to greet visitors at the door, help find information they may need, or even help visitors find a seat.  More than anything our hospitality team makes themselves available to help those worshipping with us truly feel welcomed.

Worship Team

At Anthem, we love to worship together on Sunday mornings, and we highly value the creativity that different gifts can bring to the worship experience.  Being a mobile church gives us many opportunities to serve under the heading of worship team, including the set up and tear down of equipment, sound board, lights, lyrics, and leading worship whether that includes playing an instrument, spoken word, or singing.