Anthem Kids is a fun, interactive environment available for the full length of the Sunday service for children birth to six years old. We have designed Anthem Kids to engage children with God’s truth through lessons, music, and activities - all delivered by caring leaders.

What to Expect 

Sunday morning starts with check-in. You will be given a name tag for your child and a “pick-up” tag to keep until after the service. This ensures the security of your child as both tags must match before we release a child to an adult.

It is important to us that parents and caregivers can fully enjoy the worship experience and teaching without worrying about their little ones. If you would like to keep your child with you during service, please help us maintain a distraction-free environment. If you have a little one who is having a hard time being quiet, please exit and continue listening to the service in our Foyer or Nursing moms’ room. 

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